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Monday, March 14, 2005

The New Art of Sales
ChangeThis.com may just
change the way you sell

My buddy S. Anthony Iannarino (of TheSalesBlog.com) has submitted a proposal to write a manifesto for Seth Godin's ChangeThis.com.

The premise certainly sounds interesting, but not have has interesting as being able to read the whole thing -- which we won't be able to do unless it receives enough votes to be added to the published manifestos from folks like Tom Peters, Hugh MacLeod, and Guy Kawasaki.

Help me out, will ya?
I'd really like to read the full manifesto, and if a few of the BrainBlog readers drop by and click the "write this manifesto" button perhaps my friend Mr. Iannarino will get an invitation to share his vision of The New Art of Sales with everyone.

Click here to read the proposal.


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