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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

This One Goes Out
to All the Whiners
Living in the Past
Still boo-hoo-hooing about 'all the jobs
in the United States' being deported?
Here's what I said when it first started happening -- you lost your job to someone overseas who could do it cheaper? Create your OWN job, invent your own market, discover something that can't possibly be outsourced -- your own unique perspective on anything... your brain, your imagination, your CREATIVITY.

Ain't no one outsourcing "Don The Idea Guy" -- not that they COULDN'T find some brighter folks with bigger ideas by tossing a dart at any random point on the map -- but they wouldn't have MY unique way of thinking -- they wouldn't be DON The Idea Guy.

But Dan Pink says it better than I. That's why he gets the writing assignments and book deals, and I get my blog. Because no one is outsourcing Dan Pink's brain either!

Check out Dan's great article in Wired -- based on concepts from his latest book "A Whole New Mind" scheduled for release later this month.


Blogger James V Reagan; said...

Amen to that. Love your title (found ya through Tom Peters' blog). As I'm fond of saying, "jobs are created by the individual, not companies." Try getting the gov't to understand that notion.

Thanks for the Wired article link, Don. And looking forward to Dan's book.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Don The Idea Guy; said...

Thanks for the comments, James. Some people "get it" some don't -- you can't even BEAT it into their heads -- it just builds-up calluses (making it even HARDER for new concepts to sink in.)

I thought the post's title was funny too -- even more so if you read it in a really bad impersonation of Casey Kasem doing his "long distance dedication" voice. ;)

2:47 PM  

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