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Monday, November 15, 2004

The Art of the Start
The how-to guide for starting anything
I've been a fan of Guy Kawasaki since I first read Rules For Revolutionaries back in 1999. As much as that book appealed to me -- I like this one more.

You may have noticed The Art of the Start has appeared in the "Idea Guy recommends" box for more than a month -- it's intentional. The Art of the Start has been on my personal "best-seller" list since the book was released.

I've read the book straight-through twice already, and it's on my reading list again a couple months from now. The first chapter remains my favorite, especially Guy's GIST formula: Great Ideas for Starting Things (I'm a sucker for a good acronym!) particularly the "Make Meaning" section. Guy talks a little more about what it means in this CEO Network Chat transcript.

I'm always pitching ideas in one form or another (aren't we all?) so I appreciate Guy's advice on the Art of Pitching in chapter three. You can read an abridged version of the chapter in this Forbes article.

You can also access a streaming video interview with ZDNet editor Dan Farber. In the 19-minute interview Guy shares advice for entrepreneurs, along with some solid strategies for start-ups.

A couple more cool things about the book?
How about the fact the cover designed was selected by holding a contest? Or the fact Kawasaki uses the micropayment system BitPass to sell downloads of audio excerpts and PDF summations of the key points in his speeches and books?

The Art of the Start
The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide

for Anyone Starting Anything
by Guy Kawasaki

Oooh! Almost forgot -- you can download Guy's The Art of the Start Manifesto from ChangeThis.com


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