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Friday, May 21, 2004

Seth Godin's Crystal Ball
No, wait -- That's his head.
Nice "What-If?" from Seth Godin in his blog yesterday.
Seems like I've been having this conversation with a lot of people lately. There are some who continue to complain and commiserate about the fact a lot of U.S. jobs are being sent overseas -- they're right -- it sucks to lose a job. It sucks even MORE to lose thousands of jobs. But, y'know what? This has happened before.

There is always a tipping point where one way of life dies and another revolution begins. I imagine the manufacture of Buggy Whips used to be big business -- at some point there were a bunch of out-of-work buggy whip employees sitting around a saloon complaining about losing their jobs.

But enough -- it's happening and nothing's going to stop it.
It's time for the next revolution.
Let's do something new.


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