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Monday, May 10, 2004

The 15-Second Pitch
So, what do YOU do?
I used to DREAD being asked that question at networking events -- I mean, how the heck do I explain what an "Idea Guy" is to someone else when I'm constantly redefining the concept to myself??

Enter Laura Allen and 15SecondPitch.com.

The 15 Second Pitch website lets you answer that dreaded with confidence and get prospects interested in learning more about you. Marketing yourself effectively can enhance all your relationships -- business AND personal.

The website offers an easy-to-use "Pitch Wizard" to help you in creating your own 15 second pitch. Once you've created a version you like, save it to an online file and upload a photo to create your own 15 Second Pitch card:

You can save multiple pitch cards in your personal library, as well as order printed versions to use in your networking efforts.

Laura's site was recently included in Seth Godin's new book "BullMarket 2004: Companies that can help you make things happen."

Do yourself a favor and take a few seconds of your own to check out 15SecondPitch.com.


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