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Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Chuck O' the Day
This week I seem to be on a roll of featuring info from "Chucks" -- both Monday and Tuesday focused on people named Chuck. I decided to continue Chuck coverage thru the rest of the week.

Chuck Jones
Earlier this year, one of the most creative guys in the world passed away -- Chuck Jones.
Chuck created some of the most memorable and beloved cartoon characters, as well as contributing to the evolution and popularity of the art form that is animation. Bugs, Daffy, Elmer, Foghorn Leghorn, the Roadrunner, and the animated patron saint of "idea guys" everywhere -- Wile Coyote. You can learn more about the life and work of Chuck Jones by visiting the official website: ChuckJones.com

When you visit the website, I hope you'll choose to read more about the Chuck Jones Foundation.
The Foundation recognizes, rewards, supports, and inspires continued excellence in the field of classic animation. They've established a Student Excellence Scholarship which is awarded to students whose work shows great potential in advancing and expanding the character animation medium. I encourage you to make a donation to the Foundation via the Chuck Jones website.

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