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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

A Creative Carry-along
Fellow Idea Guy Chuck Green's new IDEA JOTTER saves on stealing cocktail napkins.
As creative folk, we all have our favorite way of recording ideas when we're on the road. Some folks carry portable recorders, some tap their concepts into PDAs, some sketch their thoughts on cocktail napkins, and some just scribble a note on the palm of their hand.

Chuck's new creation -- the Idea Jotter -- is one more excellent way to keep track of those random bursts of inspiration.
No batteries required, no tap-tap-tapping, and no unsightly ink stains to wash away. I still enjoy scrawling notes on napkins, but with a new Idea Jotter in my pocket I won't make the mistake of accidentally sneezing into my next million-dollar idea! You can even get Idea Jotters personalized for your next brainstorming event.

Contact Chuck at IdeaBook for more details, or to buy your own Idea Jotter.


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