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Sunday, June 16, 2002

Sunday Funnies
Sunday seems like an appropriate day to tell you about my favorite new cartoon
Some of you know that I'm basically a frustrated cartoonist. My comic strip (drawn by art school chum Mike Nicholson) never made it past some minor local acclaim into the beast that is "Syndication" ~ but at least the "powers that be" at United Media saw the potential in GET FUZZY, a new strip by Darby Conley.

Get Fuzzy is about an ad exec who lives with two animals: Bucky (a siamese cat) and Satchel (a bizarre mix between a shar pei and a golden lab.) Even under normal circumstances I would have found this strip to be pretty darn funny, but add to the fact I'm a single-guy living with a house full of dogs and cats, and the strip gets exponentially funnier.

You can check out Get Fuzzy on the official Comics.com webpage by clicking here.
Or, save yourself the effort of clicking through every archived episode by just buying the books on Amazon.com -- there are two books:
The Dog is Not a Toy: House Rule #4
Fuzzy Logic: Get Fuzzy 2

Hope you enjoy the comic as much as I do -- see ya in the funny papers!


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