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Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Think Funny | WEDNESDAY

The Secret Society of Happy People

I KNEW there was a conspiracy... some folks just seem to be WAY too happy!
The Secret Society of Happy People essentially exists to sell books and the speaking services of the author, Pam Johnson, but it's done in such a clever and humorous fashion that it begs the question --
What Secret Society can YOU create to increase your sales and enhance your services?

The Association of Super Talented People...
The National Bureau of Brainstorming...

How can you get your customers to join your Society of Super Happy Clients?
Do they get a membership card?
A certificate?
A t-shirt?

Think the creation of your new organization requires a press release? You bet it does!
And if you make it interesting enough, the local press could hardly resist sharing it with their readers.

Let the whole city learn about your "Secret Society"
...and don't forget to let know how they can join!

Don't Even Think of Raining on My Parade:
Adventures of the Secret Society of Happy People

(PJ Press, June 2001)
Chronicles the Society's amusing journey from the beginning to present and identifies the types of happiness through insightful stories and witty pieces.


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