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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I'm Greedy, and I approve this message.
Buy My Vote ...er... I mean... "T-SHIRT" on eBay
With all the millions of dollars spent on campaign advertising, the forests of trees cut down in order to print all those campaign flyers and postcards -- I'm just trying to cut out the ad agency middlemen and be environmentally sensitive.

Don't you think with all the campaign ads on every available media, and the sucking-up to any and all special interest groups, that the candidates are basically trying to throw enough money into advertising to sway a vote or two?

I'm merely suggesting they go straight to the source and buy a vote -- I mean, T-SHIRT -- from a registered voter.

...a registered voter in Ohio.

Like the idea?
You can tell people you sold your vote too.
Even if you didn't.

It will still cause controversy and piss people off wherever you go.

...and that's half the fun!


Blogger Don The Idea Guy; said...

NOTE... Here's an email I received from eBay regarding one of my t-shirt auctions...

We regret to inform you that your eBay auction:
3848941857 BUY MY VOTE
has been removed from the site by eBay Customer Support. All fees associated with this auction have been credited to your account.

The item you have listed does not appear to be consistent with eBay guidelines. We have determined that your item is inappropriate for listing on eBay.

Please do not relist such an auction on eBay. We are working closely with the authorities with regards to the prosecution of anyone caught selling their vote, or cleverly worded t-shirt auctions, on our site.

As I read this, am I to understand that "cleverly worded t-shirt auctions" are against their policy?

So, if I have a LAME idea for a t-shirt, eBay should be my first stop? Just as long as it's not CLEVER, right?

I'm sticking to my guns.
It was just a very expensive t-shirt.

From Ohio.

3:44 PM  

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