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Monday, April 29, 2002

Good Morning Thinkers...
Hope you had an incredibly creative weekend!

I've got a couple things for you this morning:
I'm a huuuge Indie film-fan and I saw an awesome film on DVD last night.
The Tao of Steve
Go rent it (or better yet buy it and help support the indie filmmakers... and the Idea Guy!)

Also, can I just say (of course I can -- it's MY blog!) that I love DVDs?
I just got my first player and really enjoy the DVDs that include running commentary by the directors, actors, etc. My pattern now is to watch a film twice in a row -- I watch the film as a person would "normally" watch a video, then I immediately watch the whole thing again with the commentary switched ON. It's like watching the movie WITH the people involved in making the film. It's very cool ~ I hope they keep this as a standard bonus in every DVD on the market.

The second item I want to post is a link to a really cool poet I stumbled across through Blogger links.
My favorite two poems today (I switch favorites just about everyday) are Coffee is for Closers and I Write.
Visit this creative site and let me know what you think!

Have a great week!


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