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Saturday, May 04, 2002

Do You Think Funny?
Comedy is a great source for spurring your creativity.

Laughter releases all sorts of positive chemicals into your brain, thus altering the way you think.
One of my creative techniques is to take core concepts to the point of the ridiculous.

For instance ~
Core Concept: Home delivery of food.
Goal: Create a higher-caliber of delivered cuisine.
Build to the Ridiculous: A tuxedo server appears at your door complete with mini table for two, candles, and a violin player. Food is served from covered silver platters, sterling silver tableware, and antique china.

A little over the top?
Maybe. But not as far from a great idea as you think.
I feel the basic concept of gourmet cuisine delivered by a tuxedo besuited server could be pretty lucrative. Especially for us care-out kings that are sick of calling the prototypical pizza-guy.

...And if you get really good at getting really ridiculous, perhaps there's a career for you in stand-up comedy!

As a matter of fact, I'm considering trying my own hand at stand-up.
I figure with all the real-world material I've been getting lately, it won't be long before I'm featured on Letterman!

Have YOU ever thought about doing stand-up?
Here's a great reference for those of us who've given it some thought...
So You Wanna Do Stand-Up Comedy?


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