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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

For want of a blog
...an RSS feed was lost.

Still not sure what the heck I'm going to end up with here in BrainBlog land. I've got one company that won't respond to help inquiries (blogger.com), and a hosting company that won't roll-back a recent server change that blocks my Blogger updates.

Add to this a buddy helping me see if WordPress is worth pursuing, and you end up with one guy, three BrainBlogs, and a whole bunch of RSS feeds -- and the fear of lsoing readers.

Merry frickin' Christmas.

Anyway... the new-new blog is back at MyBrainBlog.com. It's a half-finished WordPress PHP page, but at least I can post where at the address I've been promoting for six months. Although WordPress saves the RSS feed differently. Please subscribe to the new feed so you won't miss any posts on the Blog-o-drama.

More on this saga as it unfolds...


Anonymous /pd; said...

shhhhhhh.. watch your language !! Santa may not visit you !!

Merry Xmas Don and all the best with the blog s/w Fixes !!

7:19 PM  

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