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Sunday, March 21, 2004

Faster than a rolling O
Stronger than silent E, able to leap capital T in a single bound...
It's a word. It's a plan. It's LETTERMAN!

Letterman, Easy Reader, Spidey, and about a dozen other sketches, characters, and cartoons for the aging Sesame Street audience were featured on The Electric Company. Targeting kids 7- to 10-years-old, the show debuted on PBS in 1971. The series garnered many awards including several Emmys and a Grammy. How could any child of the 70's not look back with fondness upon this show?

Prepare for an attack of nostalgia! The Sesame Workshop announced plans in January for a new line of apparel and accessories manufactured by Junk Food featuring images and catchphrases from the show. The items should be hitting stores by now and I'd love to hear from anyone who has seen these items.

Can you dig it?


Blogger Mamabeek; said...

Oh man! Well it's four years down the line and nobody seems to have encountered any of these items. I was just delighted to stumble on this post as a result of looking up the specific wording for Letterman's exploits.

There was such a small window for The Electric Company that I find almost nobody, even in my own age group (41) who knows what the hell I'm talking about when I quote this show. Many of the phrases have become family traditions for me. For example, whenever anyone tells a soapopraish tale, we have to follow up with, "What about Naomi?" We are inevitably met with blank states...

11:20 PM  

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