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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Practice What You Preach
Danger: Rant Ahead
So... today I get an email message from a company that wants me to advertise to their base of 8 million members who've agreed -- through a double opt-in program -- to receive marketing messages. A typical sales pitch? Only until you understand that I'VE never agreed to receive their email marketing messages!

Here's a company telling me how qualified their list is, that all the members are double opt-in, etc. and they're using SPAM to promote their non-spam email marketing services. Kinda makes you doubt their list's opt-in status, now doesn't it? The quickest way to piss-off a prospect (or 8 million prospects!) is to fill their in-box with a bunch of uninvited crap. I'll never use this double-talking/double opt-in company -- I suggest the same to you.

Here's their info (from the bottom of their spam-o-gram):
Vic McDaniel
Opt2Opt, Inc.
(718) 287-1015
Opt2Opt, Inc. - Permission based marketing at its best!

If you want the contact info from a couple of REPUTABLE email marketing services -- with PROVEN results -- email me and I will forward their info to you.

PS: I will of course be emailing my buddy Vic at Opt2Opt, Inc. with the link to today's little rant. :)


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