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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Make Sales History...

Sales Labor Day Amazon Give Away is TODAY ONLY - Wednesday September 3!
On Wednesday, September 3rd (until 11:59pm Pacific Time), buy the newly revised, paperback edition of Jeffrey Gitomer's classic The Sales Bible from http://www.amazon.com/salesbible and we'll give you $1,300 (and then some!) worth of free e-books, articles and reports that will help you close more sales forever.

This special offer includes my e-book "100-WHATS of CREATIVITY" and Jeffrey's new unreleased e-book on CLOSING, as well as dozens (if not HUNDREDS) of other items! On my site alone, I'm offering access to my entire list of creativity web links, and free e-books my Seth Godin, Kevin Donlin, Monique Harris, AND a free chapter of the new book "5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers" by Richard Smith and James Citrin!

Forward your purchase receipt from Amazon to salesbible@gitomer.com and Jeffrey's staff will send you a secret web address where you can download your free e-books and reports! Where else can you get this much free information for purchasing one book??

Book Sold Out? Jeffrey assures me they have a huge shipment on the way to Amazon, you'll still get the free stuff, and you'll have plenty of secret free stuff to explore while you wait a few extra days to have your copy of the book delivered.

You must buy the book TODAY -- tomorrow is too late -- and forward a copy of your receipt to
salesbible@gitomer.com. Let's make sales history and help Jeffrey's updated version of The Sales Bible one of the all-time bestselling books on Amazon.com!


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